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Cool Linux CD is a bootable CD with Linux operating system, containing a 2.4 kernel and many free software packages.
Current version is 2.3.

New features of version 2.3:

- Kernel 2.4.20-wolk and 2.4.22 with supermount, squashfs, shfs patches and ALSA 0.9.6 drivers;
- Ability to choose a version of linux kernel and parameters for FrameBuffer and XFree86 (resolution);
- Save and restore your system configuration on floppy;
- Restore configuration from another session on CoolLinuxCD (in multissesion mode);
- Writing the CD-RW disks with CDRW device (if not a boot drive);
- Ability to choose the interface language during the bootup process (currently only English and Russian languages are supported);
- Autodetects all hardware and autoconfigures XFree86;
- USB mouse and keyboard support;
- IceWM window manager with ROX-filer as desktop and file manager;

Known bugs:


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Clear desktop

Desktop with Midnight Commander
Desktop with MC

Start LAN dialog
LAN configuration

Eterm, mplayer and program menu
Desktop with terminal and mplayer

Eterm, mplayer and VNC client connected to Windows NT
Desktop with terminal, mplayer and VNC client

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